Thank you for choosing a real tree- a natural, renewable and recyclable resource!

Christmas trees bring new life to our environment. During its growing years, your tree has cleaned the air, provided oxygen, secured the soil against erosion, made a home for wildlife and beautified the land. For every tree sold, three seedlings are planted in its place.


Place your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, heat vents, and other heat sources that could dry the tree.

For maximum beauty and safety, use a tree stand that holds one gallon of water. Refill it daily! A fresh tree containing adequate moisture will NOT support a flame. 

Before placing tree in stand, cut at least 1/4″ off the base to remove sap and allow absorption of water.

Do not allow water level to drop below the trunk bottom or a new sap plug will form and your water will no longer be able to absorb water.

Source: National Christmas Tree Association

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